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Natural stone

5 reasons to  work  with our company :


1. New  Camelot is an exclusive supplier of natural stone from Latin America for decorative use . We can offer you the large range of stone compositions such as travertine , granite, marble, slate , dolomite , quartzite , onyx from high quality deposits in Argentina, Brazil and Peru.


2 . We don’t just sell the prestige rock material , we create  new incredible ideas for your home !

3 .The Earths history is shown by its rocks, that is why the things made of natural stone are full of energy and beauty. The natural stone - is perfect for any home at any time! It is  a great  investment in  your  future!

  These stone deposits  have been formed in the unique climatic conditions of Latin America . They are characterized by exceptional durability , impermeability to fungus and mold. They are also resistant to  chemicals and weathering.  You can always choose your favorite stone and your  favorite color from the rich natural  palette !  


4 . We offer exceptionally thin and at the same time durable  wall panels made of travertine . Their thickness is only 10 mm, the width and length 1000x2000 mm . These parameters preserve the integrity and the beauty  created by nature . It is always  easy to install our panels .


5 . We keep up with the time! We produce limited decorative series from natural stone which are used for interiors and exteriors .They are created by  unique technology , connected with  industrial achievements and original design . We can  realize  any of your ideas and we are always ready to carve  them from the stone !