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About us


About the company:

Company "New Camelot" was created in 2004 in Ukraine . We supply  natural stone from Latin America for both interior and exterior decoration . We offer travertine , granite, marble, slate , dolomite , quartzite , onyx from high quality deposits in Brazil , Peru and Argentina.

Latin America - is a  region which has its own  history, legends , and rich natural resources. It is the only continent with  abundance of natural travertine , dolomite, quartzite , schist , granite, marble of various colors and ranges.

     Our company" New Camelot"  partners with the factory – manufacturer from Peru .  The factory has been working  for more than 140 years. Today the skilled craftsmen combine modern industrial technologies with the ancient  Peruvian traditions. The  stone-  is" forever"material so it is used as flooring, decorative wall coverings, roofing etc.   Your ideas will be tied together  by the best designers and technologists of Ukraine and Latin America.

Our company sells only the high quality certified  materials ! Be sure that we combine the Individual approach , eco-friendly natural stones and original design solutions  to realize each of your dreams!


Design created by nature is always unique, it is a symphony of elegance, durability and                                               lasting quality at your home!