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Technology" Laminated stone"

This technology allows to create a heavy-duty , ultra-thin and lightweight panels with a thickness from 5 mm to 30 mm. Natural stone is mounted on glass , fiberglass, ceramic, polymer or aluminum honeycombs. Components are fused using high quality resin in a vacuum, that maximizes the physical and mechanical properties of the natural stone. Resins used in connection of both plates have greater adhesion and the ability to penetrate deeply into the material, causing a compact filling which makes the plate more durable.

This stone is used for decoration of yachts, commercial and private residences  for exterior and interior. Main advantages: durability, lightness and easy installation , a combination of aesthetic features of the natural stone with modern technology , new solutions in architecture, improvements in ventilated facades, marine construction , decoration.

This technology can significantly reduce the cost of construction. More light and thin material makes it easy to use , saves time during installation and reduces shipping costs .

 The translucent design based on onyx and glass is one of  elite and fashionable decoration materials today. This technology is mainly used in interiors , especially where lights  are needed. Translucency allows you to create stunning beauty , original lighting panels.